How to Prevent Invasion of Ants 


Getting rid of ants could be a stressful task when they already decided to move in on your office or house. Though there are a lot of chemical ant pesticides available today, a lot of home solutions work too. You could also hire a professional pest exterminator, click here to know more. 


Prevent the invasion of ants by utilizing several recognized natural ant repellents that you could make, utilizing what you have in your kitchen. 

Look for the Trail 

Follow the ant train to know where they’re entering your house. Though instinct might tell you to kill them as quick as you could find them, searching for the trail might be simpler if you let the ants roam for a period of time so you could find where they’re coming from.  

Seal Space or Crack 

Caulk the space or crack they’re entering. Spread a few petroleum jelly on the place to stop the pests from entering your house if you do not have any seal in your home.  

Vacuum or Sweep 

Vacuum up or sweep all the infesting bunch you see to get rid of them from the home. Also, be wary for other infestations.  

You could try this if ants are still infesting your home: 

Natural Remedies 

Combine one part water to three parts dish soap and sprinkle the mixture anywhere you find ants. This will erase the scent track that they leave for the other ants to follow. 

Sprinkle vinegar around the area that’s infested as a natural pesticide. If you want to loosen up the scent, you could put some lemon juice to the vinegar.  

Put some spearmint or peppermint oil on a cotton ball or cloth and wipe the areas that are infected with it. Ensure to cover the backsplash, baseboard, floor, or other places in the direct path of infestation. 

Dab some natural ant repellent products around the areas that are infected. Utilize catnip, mint, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, black pepper, or chopped garlic. 

Crush the shells of an egg and place them around the doors, windowsills, or other places where the pests could enter your home. The shells would act as a natural pesticide. Also, if the ants could not look for a path around them, you could prevent the invasion. 

Make your Own Trap for the Ants 

Combine a sweet item that ants would be fascinated to with borax. Sweet substance could be plain sugar, honey, or peanut butter. You do not need many, just a tiny amount is adequate to feed a lot of ants. The borax would kill the ants and the sweet item would attract them.  

Put a sweet item inside a jar, such as a yogurt or sour cream container, and make holes in its cover so antes could get in easily. Also, you could apply the solution on an aluminum foil strip and put in it the area that is infested with ants.  

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